Become a partner

Would you like to represent the Xibo brand by becoming a Channel Partner?

We are looking for highly skilled Channel Partners to join our channel partner network and deliver Xibo solutions across the globe. Whether you are a systems integrator, AV installer or project management team, Xibo can help you provide high quality, flexible, managed Digital Signage Network.

Using Xibo as a base for your signage service can cut months from your time to market, allowing you to focus on your customer. Take a look at the three partner programmes we offer below, decide which is best for you and apply.


White Label Reseller

The White Label Reseller programme is ideal for partners who have a requirement to remove the Xibo brand from the product. By simply uploading your resources and requesting a build, you can be on your way to a branded digital signage offering.

Price: setup fee £300 GBP (includes full branding setup)
Discount: 5% on selected products



The Distributor programme is for you if you want a license to resell the Xibo products, whilst keeping and leveraging the Xibo brand. As a Distributor you will get access to discounted prices and be able to offer a compelling service to your customers.

Price: set-up fee £30 GBP
Discount: 12% on selected products


Value-Add Reseller

If you have built strong experience and knowledge of selling the Xibo product set, and developed complimentary services then our Value-Add Reseller programme may be for you. Our Value-Add Reseller partners are tried and tested when it comes to Xibo Products, and deliver an outstanding service.

No setup fee, additional conditions apply
Discount: 20% on selected products

Applications closed, please consider Distributor or White Label Reseller instead.

Fantastic benefits

Joining our Channel Partner Program has never been more compelling.


Leverage the Xibo brand

Xibo is a recognised, respected brand and is used by business and organisations worldwide.



Take the power of Xibo with you to your customers. Xibo is tried, tested and used in production networks for over 14 years.


Sales and Support Expertise

Our expert team have worked extensively with channel partners and are on hand to support you with each project.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to purchase any part of the Xibo solution to sell on to your own customers, therefore making your customers the ‘new’ owners of the Cloud hosted CMS and / or Players, you will need to apply to be a Channel Partner.

If your intention is to purchase Xibo products and services for yourself where you will remain as the owner, or if you will be managing the solution for your customers as a Managed Service Provider, there is no requirement to apply to become a Channel Partner.

If you are an end user and want to resell concurrently, you can use two accounts.

This is dependent on which brand you want to sell to your customer under and therefore which brand is presented in the software, Xibo or your own?

  • If you would like the CMS and Players to present your own brand by showing your own logos instead of the shipped Xibo logos, you would need to apply to the White Label Reseller program.
  • If you wish to leverage the Xibo brand and therefore keep all existing Xibo logos on the CMS and Players, you would need to apply to the Distributor programme. Please note: You cannot White-Label the CMS and Players with your own branding at a later date on this programme.

Under either programme your customer can purchase a White Label for their own branding:

  • If you are a White Label Reseller, your customers branding replaces your branding
  • If you are a Distributor your customers' branding replaces the Xibo branding.

White Labels allow you to present alternative branding to the Xibo CMS and Players. Once purchased and configured, the White Label can be used multiple times.

White Labelling Guides

Additional White Labels can be purchased for multiple branding requirements, one White Label would need to be purchased per brand.

White labelling does not include Display Slots for Cloud Hosting, Player Licenses or Vanity /Custom domains, which will need to be purchased separately.

Once the application has been accepted and the set-up fee has been paid, discounts will be applied to the following products and services:

  • Display Slots for a Xibo in the Cloud hosted CMS
  • Renewals for a Xibo in the Cloud hosted CMS
  • Player Licences, both perpetual and subscription, for Xibo for Android, Xibo for Tizen and Xibo for webOS.