Interrupt Layouts

Please note: This feature is currently supported by the Android Player from v2 R204, Windows Player from v2 R253, webOS Player from v2 R207and Tizen Player from v2 R203.

When a Layout is scheduled as an Interrupt Layout, Xibo will work out how it should be played between Layouts in the 'usual schedule' using the Share of Voice time or percentage entered on the event.

This can be useful if you have, for example, Announcements that need to be shown for a particular amount of time within the usual schedule.

Create an Interrupt Layout

Interrupt Layouts are created in exactly the same way as all other Layouts.


Interrupt Layouts are selected as an Event type when Scheduling an Event.

Once selected, complete the form fields:

Interrupt Layout

Share of Voice

Enter the amount of time the Layout should be shown in seconds per hour or as a percentage (0 - 100%) of the events duration (the difference between the from date and the to date) that the Interrupt Layout should occupy the usual schedule.

Please note: If your 'main' Layout has a long duration, the Interrupt Layout may show in a block in order to satisfy the SoV criteria entered!

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