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Add content to Layouts using the variety of Widgets available from the Toolbar in the Layout Designer:

Widgets Panel

Widgets that are available can be disabled/enabled by an Administrator in the Modules section of the CMS.

Use the Search field to easily find Widgets and mark as Favourite to group them together to make it easier for future selections.

  • Hover over a Widget and select the star icon in the top left corner to mark as a favourite:

Favourite Widgets

  • Click on the star to deselect and remove from favourites.

Adding Widgets to Layouts

Clicking on a Widget will give you the option to click to Add Click to add Widget

or Grab to drag and drop Drag and Drop Widget

  • Add the Widget by clicking directly on, or dragging to, a target Region (this can be a Region in the viewer or the Timeline):

Widget added to Region Timeline

Once added, the Widget can be configured using the available options for the selected Widget in the properties panel:

Widget Edit Options

  • Add Widgets to a specific point on the Timeline, by dragging or clicking on a marker to add.

Widgets can also be added to a Region in a Playlist view:

  • Click on the menu to the right of the Timeline.

Region Playlist View

A Playlist view will open to add Widgets in the same way by clicking to add or drag and drop.

Region Playlist View

Use the Select Multiple Widgets button, located on the left hand side, to highlight multiplte items on the Playlist to delete!

Make edits by clicking on the Widget on the Layout Timeline or in the Playlist view, to open the available options in the properties panel.

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