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Playlists allow for the creation of 'Reusable Playlists' which are created and managed independently to Layouts. Once created, Playlists can then be easily reused across multiple Regions and Layouts.

Think of Playlists as a two part process:

  1. The Playlist (contains the content and configuration of media to be shown)
  2. The Sub-Playlist Widget (once added to Layouts, Playlists can be selected and further configured to Play in a specified order)

Playlists are administered by clicking on Playlists under the Library section of the main menu:

Playlist Grid

The Folder tree will open by default:

  • Click on a Folder/sub-folder to search the contents and return results based on any filters applied to the grid.


  • Tick All Folders to include searching in the Root Folder and return results based on any filters applied to the grid.

Click the Folders icon to toggle on/off from view. When Folders are hidden from view, the file path for the selected folder will be shown!

The Playlists Grid allows you to edit existing and create new.

Create a new Playlist

  • Click on the Add Playlist button and complete the appropriate form fields:

Add Playlist

  • Playlists can be optionally saved to Folders.

Playlists that are saved in Folders will inherit the View, Edit, Delete Share options that have been applied to the destination Folder for User/User Group access!

If users should also have access to the content of the Playlist, ensure that this is also saved in the same Folder!

  • Click on the Select Folder button and expand to select a Folder to save in.

  • Users can also right click a folder to create a new folder to save in and access further options.

  • The selected folder file path will be shown next to the Folder field on the form.

    Available options are based on enabled Feature and Sharing options for a User/User Group.

Further information for Administrators regarding Folder access and set-up can be found here

  • Provide a Name for easy identification purposes within the CMS.

  • Include optional Tags to organise and make it easier to search for.

When entering text into the Tag field on the form, an auto complete helper will show possible matches to make it easier for Users to select from.

Predefined Values will be shown by using the Tag value drop down, if the Value is already known it can be typed directly into the field using the following format: Colour|Red If a Value has been set as 'Required' by an Administrator, then the Value must be entered in order to save the form! {/tip}

Users can add an associated Value to a Tag that does not already have a predefined value by using the Tag value field. If a Tag value is not needed, this field can be left blank.

Tags can also be assigned to multiple Layouts using the With Selected option at the bottom of the Layout grid!

For further information on what Tag and Tag Values to use, please speak with your Administrator.

Tag management information for Administrators can be found here

Automatic Media Assignment

  • Use the Dynamic check box if you want to automatically manage media assignments for this Playlist.
  • Once selected, click on the Filter tab to set the criteria to use to add Library Media and automatically maintain the Playlist.

Playlist Filter Tab

Use the Tag Filter drop down to use And/Or criteria when selecting media to add!

  • Enter a number to set the maximum amount of Media items that can be dynamically assigned to the Playlist.

You can also prepopulate a Playlist with media from the Library by leaving the Dynamic checkbox unticked and just using the Filter tab and criteria to add media as a one-time assignment.

Manually adding Media

  • Complete the form fields and click the Save button:

Playlists Timeline

  • Use the Toolbar to add content to your Playlist using available Widgets and Library Media
  • Add to the canvas by clicking to add or drag and drop.

  • Once added, configure using the available options:

Playlist Edit Widget

For further information on the options available, refer to the relevant manual page for the chosen Widget.

Change the order of added media items in a Playlist by clicking on a Widget in the Timeline and dragging it to the desired positioning. As changes are autosaved, use the Undo button located at the of the toolbar to revert any changes if required.

All Widgets/Library Media can access a Context Menu with a set of options that can be applied, such as Share access and Transitions. Right click a selected Widget/Media file to access. Further information regarding the Context Menu can be found on the Layout Designer page of the manual.

If you need to delete multiple Widgets on the Timeline, click the Select Multiple Widgets button on the bottom of the toolbar and then click on Widgets to highlight. Once you have made your selections click to delete with one click.

Editing Playlists

Playlists are edited independently to Layouts, so there is no need to access or edit the Layout(s) the Playlist has been added to.

  • To edit content on the Playlist use the row menu from the Playlist grid and select Timeline to open the Playlist editor.

Changes will be available in the system straight away ready to be picked up by Players on their next collection, with no need to make any edits to Layouts!

Row Menu

Use the Row Menu to access further actions/shortcuts for the selected Playlist


The creator (owner) of the Playlist or a Super Administrator can assign View/Edit/Delete access for other Users/User Groups.

Take a look at Features and Sharing for more information.

Add Playlists to Layouts

Include the Sub-Playlist Widget to add Playlists to Layouts.

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