Xibo for webOS

Built for the Xibo CMS, runs on webOS for Signage.

£60 GBP per licence


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Why choose Xibo for webOS?

System on Chip (Soc) means no additional hardware is required. Leverage the power of webOS 3.0 for Signage to bring your network alive.



Utilize the professional SoC (system on a chip) monitor 24/7. Exploit LG’s webOS professional monitors to save space as they do not require any peripherals such as players in order to display content.



No hidden costs, download the webOS Installer (IPK file), try it and if you like it pay £60 GBP per display and keep your licence forever, or purchase a subscription license and choose from either monthly or annual recurring payments.


Built for Xibo

Xibo for webOS connects and is integrated to the Xibo CMS, be that Cloud or self-hosted. Xibo for webOS is developed in a way that it fully supports the latest releases and updates.

Packed with benefits

Choosing Xibo for webOS brings a host of benefits to your digital signage network.

Never miss an impression

With LG's signage webOS monitor you can display your desired content 24/7 unlike other, older or non-professional monitors. A 2 in 1 (monitor and player) digital signage solution that saves space, increases the quality of the content with its higher brightness and lowers the maintenance costs with its higher quality.

Also with LG's webOS monitor, installation is easier than ever! Just plug the monitor to a power socket, connect it to the Wi-Fi and you are ready for long-hours operation.

Set it up easily and place it in every possible direction (portrait, landscape and even on a table format).

Xibo for webOS is enterprise ready and runs specific LG monitors running webOS for Signage .


Xibo for webOS can be purchased in two simple ways, either:

  • As a perpetual license costing £60 GBP per display, you pay once and own forever. Bug fixes and minor software version upgrades are available free of charge. Major software version upgrades will be chargeable.
  • Or, as a subscription license where you pay £44.90 GBP per year or £3.74 GBP per month per display (available when purchasing 3 or more display licenses). Bug fixes, minor and major software version upgrades are available for free.

Reduce your total cost of ownership with Xibo for webOS. Take advantage of the absence of external players to minimize the maintenance costs. With the LG webOS monitor, you only have to maintain one device - the monitor - and minimize points of failure significantly.

LG webOS monitor is built around a chip - embedded in the monitor player - saving space, power and money and at the same time it is enhancing your content's quality.

Built for the Xibo CMS, runs on webOS for Signage.

Xibo for webOS is fully compatible with the open source Xibo CMS and can run against a self-hosted "on-premise" CMS or Xibo in the Cloud.

Scheduling, Layouts, Campaigns, Video, Images, RSS, Text, DataSets and much more. Xibo for webOS understands the Xibo CMS.

Local, secure media storage means your content is on your Player in advance and played back even when the device loses connection with the CMS.


If you need assistance, each Xibo for webOS licence includes access to our Help Desk for issues relating to installation, configuration and upgrades. We’re open 24/7 for new tickets, monitored by our support team Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4:30PM UK business hours (GMT/BST).

If you’re stuck we have a comprehensiveTroubleshooting Guide to help you get the most out of Xibo.

If you need support with an SLA, or support for an on-premise CMS that you're connecting your Player to, speak to us about a support contract.

White Label

Your Xibo, your brand

Want to present your corporate/organisation brand? Providing to your customers? Purchasing on someone's behalf?

White label Xibo for webOS with your own branding for £150.00 GBP per brand. Pick an application name, upload an icon and splash screen.

Our state of the art build environment is available to run your white label build 24/7. Log into your customer portal account to request a rebuild.

Pick a specific version, or select "Latest" and we will keep your build updated as new releases are available.

Get Xibo for webOS

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