Xibo for Windows

Built for the Xibo CMS, runs on Windows.

Open Source and Free


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Why choose Xibo for Windows?

Our very first native player built for the Xibo CMS. This player is open source and has no licence fee and is therefore available as a free download.


Built for Xibo

Connects to the CMS, on-premise or Cloud hosted, and fully supports latest releases.



The Xibo for Windows player is free of charge. You can get started today at no cost.



Our signage player for windows is a native windows application available for Windows 7 and higher.

Packed with benefits

Xibo for Windows brings a host of benefits to your digital signage network.


We don't certify hardware Xibo for Windows, but there are plenty of suggestions in our Community Forum .

Xibo for Windows requires a PC running Windows 7 or later, and we recommend the Professional edition of Windows so that you have better control of Windows updates and other operating system features.

Please make sure you thoroughly test your chosen hardware before making a commitment.


Xibo for Windows is free of charge, simply Run the windows installer, tell the player your CMS connection information and you're done.

Released under the Open Source AGPLv3 Licence, which means that you and any users of the Player can download the source code. The CMS has links for this on its login/about pages, or you can use the GitHub button on this website.

We develop the Windows Player with as much care and attention to detail as any of our commercial offerings.

Built for the Xibo CMS, runs on Windows.

A native Windows application, lovingly optimised for stability and performance.

Fully compatible with our open source Xibo CMS and can run against a on-premise 'self-hosted' solution as well as our Xibo in the Cloud.

Scheduling, Layouts, Campaigns, Video, Images, RSS, Text, DataSets and much more. Xibo for Windows understands the Xibo CMS.

Local, secure media storage means your content is on your Player in advance and played back even when the device loses connection with the CMS.


With a comprehensive Knowledge Base, you have all the tools you need to get the most out of Xibo.

If you do require a little help, Players connected to our Cloud CMS, or covered by an Enterprise Support Contract qualify for support from our team of experts.

White Label

Your Xibo, your brand

Want to present your corporate/organisation brand? Providing to your customers? Purchasing on someone's behalf?

White label Xibo for Windows with your own branding for £150.00 GBP per brand. Pick an application name, upload an icon and splash screen.

Our state of the art build environment is available to run your white label build 24/7. Log into your customer portal account to request a rebuild.

Pick a specific version, or select "Latest" and we will keep your build updated as new releases are available.

Get Xibo for Windows

Open Source and Free, download Xibo for Windows.

First time using Xibo? Check our Installation Guide